screen crash system lock up

southlakesouthlake Registered User
I have a hog 3 and have experienced a disturbing problem. in the cue list on the console I copied a cue: ("cue" 2 "copy" to "cue" 2.1 "enter") when I hit enter all 3 screens ( 2 on console and one external ) went blank with only a "cross hair" for the mouse cursor. nothing I do will bring back the screens. Even reboot will come back to same blank screens. I have experienced this event with an external keyboard and on the console. HELP:Eyecrazy:


  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited December 2007

    It would help to know what version of software you were running. The best advice right now to get your console back working correctly is to contact our support department directly at: 800-890-8989 or

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