How do i do this BEST?

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Hi Folks:

IM positive this is another newbie question, but im tryin to soak up quite a bit in a short time

We are using a series of DVD music / video tracks over the next couple weeks in our services. i am building lighting shows to go with each of them, i can do this in my main service stack quite easilly, im used to doing that from my days on the GSX, the problem is that then im rebuilding them every week in the service stack. Is there a better way? seems to me i should be able to build an independant que stack for the song, and put it on a different handle, but im really not sure how to get TO it from my main show stack, without like a full blackout, or looking clunky. I could really use some input on best practices etc. I can supply other info if you need it, and im often around on IM if that works better for any of you

Thanks a ton



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    Probably the quickest way to do it would be the following:

    Take your service cue stack (I'm assuming this is the same each week)
    At the point where the DVD will run, put in a comment macro to change to the "new" master (ex. CM10 would select the choose button on Fader 10).
    For your DVD cuestack, make Cue 1 the same as the cue in your service that you are coming from. Then building your DVD list on fader 10.
    The last cue would be the same as your next Service stack cue to allow you to get in and out of it...with a comment macro to choose the service stack.

    Ex. Cuelist 1 (Service) on Fader 2...this is just an example
    Cue 1 - Preset
    Cue 2 - Welcome
    Cue 3 - Song
    Cue 4 - Song
    Cue 5 - DVD Intro w/ CM10 in the comment macro (to Choose Fader 10)
    Cue 6 - DVD Outro
    Cue 7 - Message
    Cue 8 - Song
    Cue 9 - Announcements
    Cue 10 - Closing Song

    Cuelist 2 (DVD List) on Fader 10....again, just an example
    Cue 1 - SAME AS CUE 5 on List 1
    Cue 2 - ???
    Cue 3 - ???
    Cue 4 - ???
    Cue 5 - Same as Cue 6 on List 1 w/ CM2 in the comment macro (to go back to the main list on Fader 2)

    This way you only have to change list #2 with each new DVD.

    Does that make sense for you???

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    WHOA - -WOW -- thats cool! i cant wait to get to church tomorrow to mess with it!

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