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I need the hub between colour wheel and stepper. (its missing) Can't see it on the parts list, does it come with a new colour wheel? Recomended online parts service too would be usefull info, especially those happy to ship to europe.

Hello to the forum, these units are of such high quality its amazing, such a pleasure to work on compared to our daily stock of over 400 products from a certain popular european fixture maker. The only parts I need are missing, not faulty!


  • muvmentmuvment Registered User
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    $12 from
    They rock, I will vouch for them.
  • muvmentmuvment Registered User
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    This is the site I use and their people are the most experienced techs for high end lights. These guys rock and their prices are cheaper than
  • Woodj32177Woodj32177 Registered User
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    However, since you are located in the UK, you may be better off getting that part from your local High End Dealer, as Shipping from Austin TX to the UK, might be a bit prohibitive for a 12$ part.
    Joshua Wood
  • Dave GDave G Registered User
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    No spares back up in europe and 2.04 exchange rate means parts are nearly half price. Will probably bump that order up to a few hundred dollars as I like to have perfect lights and a few service parts.

    Thanks so far guys

  • Dave GDave G Registered User
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    Lightparts did the order OK, although I ended up making the hub as wrong one was sent (the thicker one was needed). I now have Eleven active, three or four used spare boards, steppers, mirror assembly, gobo and colour wheels ,spare colours and a opto swtich. Any sources of generic opto sensors could be PM ed to me:)

    These lights did very hard duty in a club and previously toured, next to nothing was actually wrong with them. Most problems were 'expert repair' related, I do have weeks and weeks of evenings invested them and about 4 large cans of scrubbing bubbles! It's a shame the we will not see the like of these again as High End have stated they are sticking to the cutting edge of inovation such as the Shogun,DL2 and beyond to remain profitable.

    Thanks for the advise
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