Visualizer Connectivity - Feature Request

lj@tmslj@tms Registered User
Just a small request for the Wholehog Visualizer Connectivity software. Can you add a 'minimize' button to the title bar that will minimize the window to the tray. You already display an icon in the tray when I have the software running so I don't see why I shouldn't be able to get rid of the dp window while I'm working in the visualizer. Thank you in advance!


  • GeoffGeoff Registered User
    edited November 2007
    Just click the "Close" button. Counter-intuitively, this does not close the connectivity application... just the window. The icon remains in the systray and you can re-open the window by double clicking on it.
  • lj@tmslj@tms Registered User
    edited November 2007
    Haa! Can't believe I never tried that! Thanks for your help!
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