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Hi. have just put 6 Cyber Cx's in an ice rink and am having a couple of problems.
When all fixtures were installed they were re-lamped and happy. within a week they were playing up. we only ever have between 1 and 5 striking, 1 will strike and die straight away and a couple will die after a few min's. all DMX functions seem fine, the mirrors and steppers will happily carry on. there are 4 led battons on the rig as well which work perfectly on the same DMX run, i am suspicious that the power could occasionaly fluctuate as the desk will momentaraly dim once in a while, max temperature is around 7 degrees at the rig but these fixtures have worked there before on the same system.
Any ideas.:15:


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    If your voltage is unstable, that can certainly cause lamps to douse out.

    How old are these fixtures? (manufacturing date is on the back near lamp socket)

    2 other things to check:

    1- the 14pin harness that links the PSB to the Logic card sometimes goes bad....look for brown burn marks on the connector ends. This usually causes erratic behavior though, not simply lamp issues.

    2- A lamp that strikes initially, then douses might also indicate a bad ballast.

    Hope this helps:)
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    Cheers Marty

    The Fixtures are 10 years old, am doing a night shift with them tomorrow night , will post result
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    Fans going bad or clogged?
    Thermal switch wearing out?
    Termanator plugs in?:dunno:

    One thing I have noticed Cybers dont play well with others, I always have them on their own line off a data distro.:blackeye:

    My 2 cents.
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    mrmidnite wrote:
    The Fixtures are 10 years old

    In that case you should also look at the main motor wiring harness near the logic card. The old harnesses did not have the special teflon coatings on the wires that the newer ones do. The UV from the lamp breaks down the coating on these old harnesses and turns them into dust. If this is happening to your fixtures, you will see very obvious fading and discoloration of the wires and you will need to replace the harness entirely. Do it quick before the coating falls off and the wires start shorting out and killing other components in the process (not the least of which is the logic card itself)

    Hope this helps:)
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