Fixture builder usage crashes Roadhog

VLavcordVLavcord Registered User
I'm using a Roadhog with software 2.2.2 and latest librarys. I have tried to make a library for a led parcan, but when I chose "build type" the console blanked the left screen and the right had the boot picture of a hog, only thing that worked was the trackball pointer. The second time the console just tilted, everything looked normal, but nothing worked. A few times have worked without problems. I discussed this with a friend of mine who is currently also using the same configuration, and he has had the same problem > he is using the led par with desk channels. I have asked your support for a library, as I have to have the convertion from hog2 ready on monday evening. The problem seems to appear when we change the strobe channels settings. If I choose the "not in use" option for this channel, there is no problem.


  • ChrisTallChrisTall Registered User, DL Beta
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    A few tips from the trenches...

    When you first open the fixture builder wait a couple of seconds before starting to do anything. I have crashed it if I select "New Fixture" immediately after the screen appears.

    Before going into the Builder...

    Clear the programmer.

    Unpatch and Remove from the current show any versions of the fixture you are editing or trying to create.

    What fixture are you creating a library for?
  • VLavcordVLavcord Registered User
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    And thanks for the tips! I got the library functioning by skipping the strobe channel. I've asked for a proper library and it is one its way, I believe!
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    I was able to reproduce this by changing the "Real World Cell" on the strobe channel.
    We do have a bug logged for this. Bug # 9326
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    hi, can you help me?i need profile Robin led wash 600 for roadhog, and the best way to put profile to my roadhog.thanks
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    Please send these requests to the:

    And please read first post :)
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