MuxLab S-Video Balun with Ethercon

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Hi there

as we have just bought 10 DL2s i think about also buying the MuxLab S-Video Baluns. Right now i am trying to make them build some with a Neutrik Ethercon Connector rather than a standart RJ45.

Would anybody else be interested in buying those? The MuxLab guys seem quite flexible and are willing to do that. Pricing for sure is dependant on the number of pieces.

Or does my idea not make any sense to you guys out there? I just had the feeling that i would be very handy, as we are networking the DL2s with Ethercon Cables and could then use the same cables. I do not like standart RJ45 to much, as they tend to break very fast.



  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    I think those would be great, as long as they make them more robust all the way around.

    The current baluns see a high rate of failure in the field, so pack plenty of spares (20%-30% at least)

    If they do this I'd also love to see an EtherCon quad-composite Balun for FoH preview monitor applications.
  • bright!bright! Registered User
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    So i checked back at the MuxLab Guys. Even though they really like the idea of improving their product they have now told me it takes much longer than i thought. A normal cycle from having an idea to having a ready product seems to be something like 2.5 to 3 years ... From the first emails i exchanged with them i got the impression, that this would be something they could do within 6 months of time. Too bad, would have been very nice. Now i think we will end up buying the ballons and putting them in little box which has a ethercon connector and which we will then velcro to the DL2.
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