I love em.

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I just programmed a concert outside for the Today show with six Showguns on a Hog 2. At about 6AM, I decided to do a little experiment. I took one lamp and pointed it at the top of Rockefeller Center. Read an eight hundred and sixty foot tall building (860 feet!). Which made the total throw around a thousand feet. the light was not only visable but incredibly bright. I then dialed in color, even in congo blue the lamp was visable.

These are incredible lights.

Also the concert was taped at 830A, with a viper hazer, the lamps showed up like a fantastic dream.

I love these lights!


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    For anyone wanting to see the concert that Brian refers to click the Natasha Bedingfield link to watch this morning’s performance. One of two songs.


    Great job Brian!
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    I worked the Andre Agassi event that happened in vegas last month. They used one show gun for a backlight (didn't use the led's) but the beam brightness was in my opinion brighter then the 8k and 10k syncros they had. It looked great.. And for those clips, the led ring made those fixtures look like a set piece instead of some huge black contraption hanging on a super genie. Looked great!
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    I appreciate your endeavor , and you have been shared on the platform of Highend which give us a great to sharing ,bringing new thoughts as well as idea..
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