Hog 3 In chilly weather...

BrianSDavisBrianSDavis Registered User
Hey all,

Wondering if anyone has put the hog 3 through temperature tests. Did an outdoor concert in NY on a Hog 2 and had issues in 35-45 degree weather. IE, choose buttons not choosing, touch screens freaking out, the window close button sticking on, the release button responding sporadically. Made for a painful experience, until we got out a heating pad. Thinking about upgrading to a Hog 3, for many reasons, but wanted to know the viability of heating pad free programming.

Thanks for thoughts.


  • leebotleebot Registered User
    edited November 2007
    I have yet to put one in severe cold, however in Dec and Jan our IPC will be doing shows in Alaska. Not outdoors but it will see 30 BELOW. The only thing I am really woried about is the sudden temp change once it gets inside. Hopefully it wont see too much condensation. I have used a Hog 1000 in Alaska and had NO problems.
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