(1809) Bug Report: Dark Colour Scheme: 'Available' palettes broken

z6p6tist6z6p6tist6 Registered User
Name: Phil Gilbert
Date: 11/20/2007
System: iPC
Software Version and build number: v2.2.2 (1809)
Number of displays: 3
Connected USB Devices: Touch Screens
Networked Devices: None
Detailed description of the problem including instructions to reproduce (if possible) and exact syntax used:

When using the 'Dark' colour scheme, it appears that there is no difference between 'available' and 'unavailable' palettes.

i.e. If I have a Studio Color selected, the beam palettes that apply to the SC (frost, beam shaping, etc.) show up in the same color as beam palettes for a gobo in a VL3000. In normal colour mode, the 'unavailable' palettes would be darkened to indicate that they do not apply to the current selection.



  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
    edited November 2007
    I agree Phil. This needs some work. I have added your comments to bug #8782, "Dark Color scheme makes it difficult to read some windows".
  • erockerock Registered User
    edited March 2009
    I noticed this today in 3.0.2 with the dark color scheme and the available and unavailable palettes. Is there any kind of timeline for this fix?

  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited March 2009

    We have a planned rework of windows and such for sometime later this year. This fix will become part of that work.

    thanks for your patience,
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