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I'm trying to setup hog III to take MSC commands from an Obsession II. I've checked all the settings on the Hog to make sure that both the console and the cuelist are set to receive MSC. I also checked out the event monitor - after reading some of the other posts - and made sure that the Hog was receiving show control. Here is an example of the syntax from the event monitor:

1501413493 [2] MidiController: SysEx Received
1501413493 [2] MidiController: Valid Realtime Midi SysEx [Device=1]
1501413493 [2] MidiController: Midi Show Control Received
1501413493 [2] MidiController: Parsing MSC Message [format=1]
1501413493 [2] MidiController: Cuelist control message [object=65535,cue=51isScene=false]

The Hog is currently not responding to this, or any, MSC commands.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    I think you have come across a current bug that is being worked on at the moment. If you send an MSC command that does not include a list number then the command is ignored. The bug will fix this and allow the non-list specific command to tie to the currently chosen cuelist.

    If you can define the cuelist number in the MSC command from your Obsession II then the command should be read properly from the console. Bug #11083 is currently marked fixed in our next version of software due for release soon.
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    Thanks for the email, Brad. I'm waiting to hear back from ETC about sending a more detailed MIDI control signal to the Hog.

    Do you or anyone else know of any work arounds for this problem?


  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    You might be able to send MIDI the other direction. In other word have your H3 trigger the ETC console. This may or may not work for you depending on how your cues are structured on both desks.
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