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rabeilerrabeiler Registered User
Do printers work in HOG 3PC when you are configured for loopback. I have my adapter configured to a static IP address on my network, but I still do not see the PRINTERS category on the left side of the control panel screen.



  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
    edited November 2007
    You might have a problem only if you are trying to get to a network printer that lives in a different IP range.

    If possible set you computer to have a static IP within the same range as the printer, and I imagine everything should work fine.

    I have no problems printing to PDF with an internal program.

    Hope this helps:)
  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited November 2007

    You will not see the "Printers" section in the control panel of Hog 3PC. However whatever your default Windows printer is will get printed too. If you want to change printers you need to do so in the Windows printer settings, not the Hog 3PC application.
  • rabeilerrabeiler Registered User
    edited November 2007
    Thanks Brad - I should have searched the forum first before posting because I searched later yesterday and found this issue was already covered.

    I can print to my default printer, which is a networed printer, so I am happy.

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