Hog3PC on Windows Embedded?

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Has anyone tried to run Hog3PC on Windows Embedded?

I'd love to run a bloat-free version of Windows, but I'm a little unfamiliar with what exactly they cut out to make the embedded version.

We would like to run our computer as a lighting desk only, so missing 'calculator' isn't much of a big deal...

Can anyone advise?



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    The easiest way to get Hog3 on XPe is to buy an iPC or a Road hog.

    Running Windows Embedded isn't simply a matter of running an installer. You have to learn the build tools, and customize your whole environment. It can be a full time job.

    XPe is highly customizable. Microsoft didn't really cut much out. Instead, they provides tools to let the you choose what to include, or not include.

    You certainly can do it. It used to be you had to buy the build tools for quite a bit of money, but I think you can eval them for nothing now-a-days. But I expect you'll find it's not worth the hassle in the end.
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    Ahh... Understood. Like I said, I wasn't quite sure what all was involved, and you have confirmed that there was much more than I thought.

    I'll just hang tight in regular ole XP...
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    But I expect you'll find it's not worth the hassle in the end.
    it of course depends on the worth of your goal...

    i've a wyse thin client converted to a 2PC/3PC station, and it's been nothing but good to me. but getting it into such a state is not for the faint of heart, slash, if you have to ask if it will work, it's not going to work for you.

    there are tons and tons of tools built into windows that can help you "lock down" a machine to serve a single purpose. start looking into Group Policy and Authenticode, and of course, running without elevated/administrative privileges.

    i'm gonna go bump the Authenticode thread...
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