Palette History . . . is this possible?

deegsterdeegster Registered User
I am unsure if we have anything like this so I didn't post it into the enhancements forum, but is there any way to open a palette and find every cuelist / scene / etc that it is referenced to?

I was thinking of something that's like the Programmer window, where you could select, say a Red Color Palette, and it would show you every single reference that's using that Palette. Then if you wanted to change any of those references by editing them, you could.

The need for this arose when I merged two shows together. The shows had similiar color palettes and position palettes, but with different names, and not all of them were exact, though some were exactly the same. I needed to go into each song and redirect the color palettes to the current show.

Any thoughts on this? :dot:


  • z6p6tist6z6p6tist6 Registered User
    edited November 2007
    I like this as a general concept.

    Well spoken.

  • stephlightstephlight Registered User
    edited November 2007
    I like this idea, it would be great to know What fixtures are used with What palette in What cue.
  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited November 2007

    We do have a future enhacment planned for palette tracking such as you mention. I will add your comments to the entry.

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