Youngest Dl.2 Programmer?

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Hi everyone Just want to know, I'm 15 and im programming Dl.2! Ya I know Im a bit young but i pass maybe hour on those and I know how to program them well:) Anyway I just want to know If It's posible to create a Collage Background on a wall with an 9 by 12 Screen with camera incorporate to it, And if yes How do you do that:) Thanks!


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    It's possible to do a collage on a 9x12 screen, but it will probably be overkill at that size. As for using a camera with collage, that is also possible. You will need to use a S-Video DA to send the same S-Video camera signal to all the DL.2's, set the graphics engine to capture the S-Video signal, then have one of the layers set to use the video input. RadioShack has an S-Video splitter available for about $20. Who's DL.2's are you using?
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    Thanks for the reply FxDrew and sorry for my bad english! I mean how do you create a collage background with ah screen incorporate to it like Sblair pic And I used dl2 that my father rent for a show I learned to use them in 1 week been on those for about 80hour :) now.

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    What you want to do is use one layer as the background image with any content you want.

    Then use a another layer placed in front of it with the content set to the live input (Folder 255). You can adjust the X and Y scale to shrink that layer down to be a floating window like you saw there and then use X and Y position to place it where you want in the overall image.

    If you want to have the drop shadow look then you can call that Effect up on the layer being used for the camera feed.
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    Ohh Thanks you!:) I'm gonna try that Thanks Scott!
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