(1809)Bug Report: Strange message when opening editor

RomanRoman Registered User
Name: Roman Kuntner
Date: 23.10.2007
Software Version and build number: V2.2.2 b1809 H3
Number of displays:2
Connected USB Devices: 1x PlaybackWing
Networked Devices: 2x DP2000
Detailed description of the problem including instructions to reproduce (if possible) and exact syntax used:

I got this message when i open a cue and press view cue. Strange thing was that nothing was open or on stage. This happens only with this specifical cue. I tried a few times and always this dialog was shown up. Tried with other cuelists as well but there was nothing.

List any errors reported by the software:

Best regards Roman


  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
    edited November 2007
    Hey Roman,

    Have you seen this with any other cuelists since you experienced this the first time?
  • RomanRoman Registered User
    edited November 2007
    Sorry for the delay,

    but no haven't had this message another time. I did a second show 2 weeks ago with the same software and had no problems at all.
    The only thing was that the console slowed down after hours of programming. But it wasn't really a problem. Powercycle all components -> go for a coffee and go on.

    BTW: It was a H3, 2DP2000

    all the best Roman:hogsign:
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