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So I've come into the possession of some white technobeams. They make me smile, but the white has got to go. So... what kind of paint do i use, and how do i go about doing it? Am I going to have to take the entire things apart, or might there be an easier way? Or can I just chip all the white paint off?

And, is black going to be best, or should i go w/ something more interesting? Perhaps tie dye (just kidding).

So: I need a type of paint to use (preferrably something that won't look different from an original black technobeam in the dark) and instructions for the most efficient method of doing this.


  • Woodj32177Woodj32177 Registered User
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    I am no painting expert,
    but I have the feeling getting paint to stick well, and not look crappy is going to be difficult...
    You could just try painting it, or you could sand the surface to get the paint to stick better, and if that doesn't work, you could try priming the surface first.

    Or you could just order all the white parts in black, although that would probably be in the 500$ range.... Kind of a lot of money to put into the look of a technobeam. but then again if you make a mess of it painting, it is a good fallback..
    In any case, i would disassemble the fixture before you start painting, as you really don't want the paint to settle on any of the glass.
    Good Luck!
    Joshua Wood
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    Gut fixture.
    Remove or bag the mirror head.
    Clean properly, re clean, and tape off logos.
    Sand. Re clean, A little alcohol or MEK gets rid of the rest.
    Prime with white hi-temp. Keep warm dry 24 hours
    Light sanding.
    Paint with hi-temp white.
    Consult with paint guy who does cars. No latex or other ridiculous ideas.:poke:
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