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Hi every one

Could you explain me, with exemple, how to make a good Synchro betwen 4 Dl2
Are all the 4 fixture must be on the same synchro type ?
Are all the 4 fixture must be on the same synchro to ?

I am not really sure of the execution



  • schiefelsschiefels Registered User, HES Alumni
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    In order for Sync to work correctly, all the fixtures must have a unique fixture ID. One fixture is selected as a master (which ever one you choose). All the slave servers must have their "sync to" setting on the 1st layer set to sync to the master fixture Fixture ID. Then, you must select a sync type (there are several to choose from, and explanation of these sync types can be found in chapter 10 of the user manual, page 106).

    Having said that, sync is not working optimally in the software right now. Another technique for sync'ing movies that people have had success with is creating a set up cue in your programming, with all the fixtures in the collage, that loads the piece of content you want in "Media Mode Rewind" and opacity at 0. This loads the content on all of the fixtures and sets them all to the first frame of the movie. Then, on your next cue, fade the opacity to full and change the media mode to "Loop Forward". This starts all of the movies at the exact same time and everything should be in sync.
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