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I've been running the Roadhog now for a couple months with 8 Mac 250 Entours, 6 LED Colorblasts and 48 conventionals. Almost once a week,in the middle of a show, the console and light rig will blackout. The flash buttons won't work but the faders with conventionals will , so all I can do is bring up the conventional faders and restart the console. The conventionals stay on until it reboots. Once it reboots, it's fine again. I haven't had it crash twice in one day though.
Any thoughts or similar experiences from anyone ?


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    Sorry to hear of your Road Hog troubles. I have a few questions that might help us to shape up this problem:

    1) When you say the desk will blackout do you mean the screens go black or do the screens just freeze?

    2) If you do a pig+open+backspace after the crash are you able to open the launched processes window? If so, which processes are not responding? Can you restart the desktop process?

    3) Are you running the same show / cuelist / or set of cuelists each week? Are you just playing back when the crash occurs or are you working in the programmer/editors as well? If there is a common set of playback that you go through each night then sending us a showfile would be good so we can go through and see what might have gone wrong. You can upload those files to my attention at

    Thanks for the report and your patience with the desk.
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    1) Yesterday when it crashed, the screens went to the Roadhog logo on both screens and froze there. I think other times , they froze with the pallettes on them and maybe also a time or two they went black.
    2) I haven't tried the pig+open+backspace . I'll try it next time.
    3) It's basiclly the same show with new cues added each time. I'm playing back and working in the programmer. Each night is on the fly so I don't have a standard playback each night. I don't remember exactly when it crashes.I'll try and take notes next time and send you the files.
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    You can also use the file manager in the Shows window to browse to the Log folder and send us any DMP files that you might have. These will help us to determine what is going on.

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