Patching Fixtures To Hog II PC

littlepiglittlepig Registered User
Hey everyone, I'm a new user of the hog console and I have also downloaded a copy of the Hog II PC as a backup system. Seen as I'm a complete newbie, could someone help me out on patching the fixtures in, ive gone to setup>patch and then selected genie Oby3 then okay, but it does not come up on the patch screen. What am I doing wrong? Or do you have to be plugged into the system to patch this? I'm not sure:confused: all help appreciated, Thanks,


  • ChrisTallChrisTall Registered User, DL Beta
    edited October 2007
    You're almost there...

    Once you are in the Add Fixtures screen...
    select the manufacturer,
    then the Fixture Type,
    THEN press Set and it will allow you to enter how many of that fixture you are using.

    Then under Edit Fixtures give each one a unique User Number (again using Set). Use Group button to pick them.

    Then back at the Patch window type 1 @, select the universe and enter the starting address.

    Also, download the manual and give it a read.
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