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Hello Everyone,

So I have a Hog2Pc with a Midiman Midisport running into the computer running the software. This is so it can receive timecode. I know that on an actual Hog2, I can run a midi cable in, set the parameters and have the console respond to Midi Show Control.

Will this same theory work with the Midiman. Can I send a MSC command to the Hog and expect it to respond. I have tried, and have failed to make it work. Before I start digging really deep into it, I just want to know it's possible.

Thank you all for your time.



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    Have you set the Midisport as the midi input for the program. If not you can right click on the front panel and select the midi input and output. I have used it with midi notes with great sucess. But I have not personally used MSC. You might also want to use something like midi yoke to make sure that the computer is seeing the messages.
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    Hello, are you trying to receive Timecode or MSC commands? You mention both above. It is possible in the Windows Device Manger the Windows default MIDI contorller or other MIDI Controller is set as the default keeping the MIDI Sport from working. This is just one possibility.

    What settings have you selected in the Hog 2 Input Panel?

    I have seen a MIDI Sport labeled incorrectly, the In was labeled Out and vise versa.
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    I am receiving midi timcode through the Midiman, but was wondering if MSC would travel down the same line as the Midi timecode. I believe the timecode is coming from a Motu device. As I am not as familiar with the rig as I would like, I will be tearing things apart in the next week just to see what goes where.

    If the Motu is only sending Midi Timecode, will it still send MSC commands to the HogPC and will the HogPC recognize them?
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