hog II error upon load

theDutchGuytheDutchGuy Registered User
been called in tonight to help save a dance night. operator loaded previously used showdisk into HogII, got this error:
can't read file: \zcat.dat
and the console asked to try another disk. accidentally hitting the V instead of X, the same error appeared, but was extended:
can't read file: \zcat.dat\hog2\build\diskman.cpp($revision:80$)(2389)TNT v3.3(177): internal error-not clean
Obviously the disk got corrupted, but I can't check where it's been, and the operator claims no weird things have happened to it.
loading my own normal showdisk gives me (at first glance) exactly what I always get: my normal set-up on a rock solid console.
the situation: concert venue, several freelance operators working shows, al started their showdisks from a patch me and my colleague made.
any info'd be appreciated...


  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    As I suggested on the light network, it seems that your floppy drive in the console might be going bad. I suggest trying to load the disks on another console or Hog 2PC. Also if the zcat.dat is bad, sometimes you can copy one from a similar show disk and get the corrupted show to load. This of course does not always work, but is worth a try.
  • theDutchGuytheDutchGuy Registered User
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    how similar need the showfiles be? same patch? more same stuff...?

    is it just a matter of copy/paste?


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