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HereticfredHereticfred Registered User
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I have a Studio Spot 250 with some color issues. The color wheel had a burnt out motor which I just finished replacing. But when I fired it up, I encountered a new problem. I am getting a color err and the color wheel isn't homing properly. The color wheel is one step off. So I get just a hint of color from the next color on the wheel.

Any ideas???



  • Woodj32177Woodj32177 Registered User
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    It could be a bad sensor, or a bad motor driver chip, Other than that, I would revisit the motor installation and make absolutely sure there are not any problems with that...
    Good Luck
    Joshua Wood
  • PuffyfishPuffyfish Registered User
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    Bad motors sometimes cause the 3773 driver chip to go bad if left running for a long time. Re check you motor install, clean your sensors, and pop in a new chip. Let us know what happens.:D
  • HereticfredHereticfred Registered User
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    Thank you for ideas. I have checked the motor install and it is good. I cleaned the sensor. But I was not able to track down the part number for the drive chip. Do you happen to know that number. Can you also confirm the part number of the sensor for me.

    Thanks Again
  • ActiveMikeActiveMike Registered User
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    Try this it worked for me,

    Before you power on, place the tabs right before the sensorsthen power on, watch the color wheels if they move then the motor is good, then watch to see if the tabs are hitting the sensor and moving to home position, if the dont then either a bad sensor or a bad connection!

    switch sensors with another sensor, say gobo 1 or gobo 2 that will help figure out if its a sensor deal or not, if that dont solve it then I would look at the motor driver.

    does it show a error during self test?

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