HOG 1000 Cuelists

just-lightsjust-lights Registered User

when i set up my HOG 1000 I love to trigger cues/cuelists from the Preset Buttons (setting up the Menue Banks for "Cuelists").

But when the cues are started the LED on that Button will not lit.
so I have to remember which cues are running.
I`ve heard the rumor that when you have programmed an generic dimmer channel on that cue the LED will go on!!!

I checked that out, but it does not work!
any thoughts?

Software build on my console: v3.3 (177), ROM v5.4



  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited September 2007

    I see that you have posted this on the LN as well and received some information there. These keys were originally intended for directory windows such as palettes and groups and I am afraid the functionality does not exist for them to illuminate the LEDs when used as cuelist playbacks.
  • just-lightsjust-lights Registered User
    edited September 2007
    Hi brad,
    thank you for your post,
    though its not a good message.
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