I beam lamps off ????? HELP

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I have a Ibeam 700 that is out on a gig that lamps on and stays on for about 15 min then it will lamp off. It is in an air conditioned room so temp. should not be an issue and it looks like a fairly new lamp ( quite bright when on) Does anybody have any sugestions???


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    Thing one, get it down.
    Set it up and run it. If you like, remove the back and slide the entire sled out of the hull. Un hook the pan and tilt first.
    Factoring in age, could be anything.:dunno:
    Ballast, power factor cap, even a wire . Examine the fans and their connections. Check for thermal fuses and make sure the door has not popped open. Jump right in there and go all thru the connections.
    Might have some old wire breakage.

    Then tell us what you found.:D
  • leebotleebot Registered User
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    Frank you were right with a fixture that old the first place to look was the wiring. I found that the crips on the fuse holder where just bairly touching. 5 mins some new crips and jumper wires and everything is good to go.
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    The force was strong on this one...:D
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