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hedonhedon Registered User
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I am looking for a controller for 2 technobeams, and can't afford a new LCD Controller, anyone have any other suggestions for a controller with a joystick and all the same capabilities? Any used ones out there? thank you for helping this NooB. :06:


  • PuffyfishPuffyfish Registered User
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    May I suggest the NSI MLC 16 with the current e-prom. You can get one used for about $500 us. Its easy to use and the good ones have a disk drive (the only one you want). It supports almost all fixtures via NSI's web site and the 3 1/2" disk drive.:)

    Check with NSI for their current software. You dont want the old stuff, trust me on this.
  • hedonhedon Registered User
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    Thank you for the suggestion, I shall do some research and price hunting. Is that the only off brand that has a joystick, or just the best one. thanks again.
  • pbeasleypbeasley Registered User
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    You could also try the ETC SmartFade ML... depending on what you are trying to do it might be just what you need.

    If that won't do it for you, maybe you need a HogPC system with widgets and wings :-)
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