Rock Wing Cuelist numbers always show.

fragglefraggle Registered User
edited August 2007 in Wholehog Lighting Control
Name: Andy Porter
Date: 26th of August 2007
Software Version and build number: V2.1.0 Release (Build 1775)
Number of displays: 2 LCD
Connected USB Devices: Rock Wing

Deselecting the "Show Cuelist Numbers" has no effect for playback bars attached to a Rock Wing. Same bars display correctly on the console.



  • teericksonteerickson Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited August 2007

    We haven't yet implemented the full playback bar display options functionality for the full-sized expansion wing. These features have been logged as enhancement #9416 in our database. I've added your comments to the feature request.

  • fragglefraggle Registered User
    edited August 2007
    Thanks Tom,

    I look forward to it with eager anticipation!

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