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Probably a simple one that I just haven't had to use on a hog II before. I want to limit the maxium output for a desk channel. I am slightly over the max load for my dimmer and with that in mind I don't want to accidently hit at full and trip a breaker. Can I have that dimmer max at 80% when I hit at full?

The dimmer in question doesn't allow for me to profile it.

Thanks for any help.



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    Hi Matt,

    If my memory hasn't failed me, I believe that you are looking for the 'Reduce to %' button. You can find it once the Patch Window is opened, it will be next to the Unpatch Button.

    In your case, you would select your desk channels and hit 'Reduce to %' 80 Enter. This should place 'at 80%' next you the desired desk channels.

    In the Programmer and Output Windows however the value will still read at Full or 100%. I recommend testing me before you go blowing up dimmers.

    Hope this helps.:Eyecrazy:
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