Hog 2PC Croakes when I use set & offset in the effects engine

emanoncemanonc Registered User
I am working on Hog 2 PC and when i am programming cues and effects it keeps croaking on me when trying to offset effects. I will load the fixtures into the programmer and set the effects in. When I hold down num lock (keyboard shortcut for set) and move the wheel to offset the fixtures it croaks. I get the following message.
TNT v3.4[178]: Sorry I've Croaked...
Assert: '![WINCHILD*]pickWIN && !pentry' is
[$Revision: 1.1 $]/259
Has anyone had this happen to them or know if I can change the keyboard shortcut so that it is not num lock, I think that might help? Thanks.


  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited July 2007

    Unfortunately that code message says that this bug is in the original Wholehog 2 software. There is no way to change the keyboard shortcuts. You could try creating a new show and see if the problem still occurs. What fixtures are you using?
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