Hog 2 PC on Vista

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Before I get flamed,
I did search, but couldn't find anything at all,
Does Hog 2 PC run well on vista??

I need to purchase a few computers and I need to know if I should be looking for ones with XP.

Any help would be appreciated.

Joshua Wood


  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    As a finished product, Hog 2PC is not officially tested on Vista. HES does not reccomend running Hog 2PC on Vista for this reason. However I have seen reports from several users that they have used it successfully.

    I guess we will see who else responds to this forum, but for the record Hog 2PC is not supported on Vista.

  • quinnquinn Registered User
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    i've been running 2PC on Vista since Beta 1 back in summer '05, and it's been absolutely fabulous.

    my favorite result of the 2PC/Vista combination is, hands down, the Volume Shadow Copy Service, or "Previous Versions". since 2PC saves to disk so freakin' fast, i generally save after every single edit. then Volume Shadow swoops in to perform an "Auto-Backup". it's excellent. i only have to keep one folder per show, but i'm still in a position to pull up yesterday's show entirely, or just replace _lib with the version we had before we went to lunch.

    please see this suggestion regarding XP versus Vista purchasing decisions.
  • SamfhSamfh Registered User
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    Been running hog2 pc on windows vista VERY sucessfully for the past two months - just a shame about my other programmes that dont wanna install correctly on vista - heheh
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