Colour Palette Question

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I am doing a theatre gig with 60 scrollers and some spot CMYs I made palletes so that all the colors from the scrollers and the CMYs go to the same thing. In doing so I was not careful to stick to just one colour mixing system, some of them are hue/saturation and some are CMY. The trouble I am having now is that when I adjust a time on the cue list window the color reference shifts to a cue that is earlier in the list that references a hue / saturation color, while the cue that I am sitting in is a CMY color reference. If I back up a cue and then play it goes back to the correct color / reference. (you can see it do it in the output window with show source on)

Is there any way around this, we have programmed the 1st act so I do not really want to go back and modify all the pallets....



  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Transitioning between CMY and HS can lead to the problems you describe. We generally suggest that you stick with one system throughout your programming or break it up between segments of your show.
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