Couple Probs w/ releasing/timing

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First off we're running iPC Hog III with newest software.

I'm basically programming a few pages worth of masters with just simple things (ie, only 1 cue per master). On page three master 2 I have a cue that I never want be released (ie, so I don't have a BO onstage). I have checked Persist on Override in that master's options, but a pig+release still releases it along with all the other masters. Is this not the way to do this, and or is there a way if that is not it?

Second, in Hog II there was a thing called Live Programmer in which it would use the default time to fade parameters in and out when changing them through the programmer. I cannot find this in III, and it currently snaps to the attribute. Any way around this? This is kind of my second thought of how to solve my first "not wanting to release a master" problem, but now I can't get this to work either.

Let me know if something doesn't make sense, thanks for any help.

EDIT: Ok so I figured out the "fade changes" in the programmer screen is similar to Live Programmer. Don't know why I didn't see/try that earlier.


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    First off "Persist on Override" is an option that just causes a master to continue to play even when all its values are overriden by another master. This way when the overridng master is released, this master will be active on stage again. Otherwise a master will release when it is "stomped" or overridden.

    If you want to have a cue that is not released by stomping then turn this option on. IF you want to make a cuelist that can not be overriden by other masters, then raise the priorty of this master. There is no way to make a cuelist ignore pig+release, however you can Park values and they will stay active until you unpark.

    Regarding the Live Programmer, this is called "Fade Changes" in the Wholehog 3. You can turn this option on/off using the button in the programmer window.
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    Thanks for the reply. I would like the values to be able to be changed and overwritten though, just "revert" back to page 3 master 2 when everything is released, therefore park won't work and I don't think persist on override is even relevant. I may just end up using pig+release and then just making a pallete to load immediately into the programmer, or just going to that page before I pig+release and then just playing master 2 immediately after release. Unless someone else has a better way? Is there a way to release an entire page at one time?
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    You can release a page all at once by simply changing the page. If you use a template page, then you can keep some cue information on the template and this will not be released when changing pages. I think you can accomplish what you are looking for using this methodology.

    Please let me know if I need to clarify further.
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    Unless someone else has a better way? Is there a way to release an entire page at one time?

    Try using the "RO" (Release Other) comment Macro from the list you do not wat released. This will release all but that list.

    Hope this helps:)
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