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Has anyone used the live video? The manual references chapter 14 on page 157, but chapter 14 is about how to reset the axon, no information about video at all, and page 157 is in chapter 13, and talks about cleaning the air filters. :confused:


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    The index references you noted are actually from the DL.2 manual. Because the Axon and DL.2 are extremely similar, the Axon manual was just editted from the DL.2 one, but obviously there are some differences.

    In order to use the live video feed on the Axon, you will need the VIVO (video in/video out) connector that was included with your Axon server. This is a small DIN adapter that splits out to 4 wires (2 s-video, 2 composite). Plug your live video source into the S-video in connector, then connect the VIVO adapter to the center port on the graphics card.

    To access the video feed in the graphics engine, set one of your layers to Media Folder 255 and Media File to 1.

    I hope this answers all your questions. I will pass your observations about the manual up the chain and suggest getting a section added covering the live video set up on the Axon. :phone:
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    See this thread about the axon manual,no revisions ever happened and if you want to update your axon manual you have to re-print the entire couple of hundred pages.
    Minor gripe but very boring

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