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Hi everybody,

I am very interesting in the new RDM protocol. I was wondering if the high end fixtures were going to be RDM compatible ?
Does anyone know about RDM comptatible fixtures in developement ? I know ROBE has released 3 moving heads. What about other manufacturers ?

thank you


  • cormacjackcormacjack Registered User, DL Beta
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    I asked about the new shogun fixture and was told only DMX enabled not to say that it may not be possible to get around this with other device's which have been alluded to in a few post's but with no actual info it's hard to say...anyway i can't get wyg to work so maybe i'm not the person to ask at the moment.

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    Currently RDM does not exist in any HES products. Most HES products have the HES Talkback protocol in them, but unfortunately it had a short lived life as the only controller to ever really implement it was the Handshake (and a Beta version of Hog 2 that was never fully released).

    RDM is actually heavily based on the HES Talkback protocol. Most all the HES fixtures have the hardware support needed for RDM, it's a matter of updating the software in them all to support it.

    Since it is difficult to actually directly tie increased sales of any products to adding a feature like RDM, it really doesn't make it high enough on the radar compared to creating a new product like SHOWGUN.

    However, I have been working on implementing RDM in some of our products in my free time. I've had a lot less free time lately to work on it, but as that changes you should hopefully see it starting to appear in some HES products.

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