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Hey everyone,

In our facility, we have our consoles and RFU computers on one VLAN within our main network. However, I'm wanting to set up the firewall so the main network can access the consoles. Are there any ports besides (TCP?) 6600 which I would need to allow traffic on?


Adam Thompson


  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    Depending on your needs, and size of you facility, you may want to allow more ports, or not...

    If you plan on running more than one show on the network, you will want to allow other ports as well.

    e.g. you have 3 separate spaces, each with their own console and DP-2000s, but all are on the same network (for whatever reason). space #1 could be on Port 6600, space #2 could be on Port 6601, space #3 on 6602.....etc. etc. The important thing to remember is that both the console and the DPs you want to control MUST have the same Port ####. So a consoel set to Port 6600 WILL NOT be able to control a DP-2000 on say Port 6602.

    It really depends on what type of configuration you want, b/c with H3 you have so much flexibility and options that there isn't necessarily one way to do things.

    Hope this helps:)
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    There are basically 4 things that you will need to think about as you set up your firewall:

    1) The IP addresses assigned to the devices on your network.
    2) The ports that your show runs on (6600, etc.).
    3) The IP addresses used for our multicast traffic. (Multicast IP addresses are to
    4) The ephemeral ports used for communication. Ephemeral ports are automatically allocated on a temporary basis for client-server communication. A range of ephemeral ports is defined by each operating system. The IANA suggests 49152-65535, but this does vary between platforms.
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