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My showfiles have a version number of 2.4.26 and the library file has a version number of 4.0.282. I can find nothing in the manual about this.

I tried to make a new show, and noticed that I have 3 different libary versions on the console. So I used the 4. one. But I can not merge my old show into this one because the version of the libary is still different. How do I change my shows to the newer library file, so I can use the new 550 file?

David Wetmore


  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
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    Hi David,

    If you are merging new/updated fixture protocols into existing show, you must use a library with the same major revision number as the library used to create the show. The library version of your show is shown next to the show name in the Show Manager. The major revision number is the first of the three numbers.

    -Chris Muenchow
  • davidfitwedavidfitwe Registered User, Hog Beta
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    So how do you change the version number of the new 550 profile that I have so that it can be used in my shows. Doesn't seem right that because your shows have been around a while, that you can't update your library because of that.
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    I've already replied to your other threads, but I'll add the same information here as well:

    We only increment the major revision number (the first number in the version) when we make significant architectural changes to the library that have the potential to cause compatibility problems or that depend on certain console software to function properly. This is why it isn't possible to merge libraries with different major revision numbers.

    Luckily, Significant changes like this don't happen very often. We've been using the v4 library for more than 2 years now.

    In the library requests and enhancements forum, Steve has already offered to try to get an updated MAC550 profile merged into your show file. Please contact Steve directly so that we can try to help you.

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