Color Pro FX Twinkle Slow to Respond in Hog 3

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I have a strange issue with the twinkle function of Color Pro FXs in Hog 3. When I select the twinkle parameter in my Beam menu and dial in a value, it takes 5-10 seconds for the twinkle to start. If I write a cue with the twinkle effect in it, it takes 10-20 seconds for the twinkle to start. In Hog 2, there is a parameter in the fixture editor window where I can "offset" the twinkle effect to start at 50% so that it is past the indexing portion of the control channel. I have yet to find a similiar paremeter in Hog 3. What would be a good way to configure these fixtures so that the twinkle starts immediately? Thanks.

Travis Slyter
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    The color pro fx twinkle wheel is channel 7 of the DMX protocol. On this channel, 0-127 indexes the wheel and 128-255 spins the wheel. When you change from index to spin, the wheel begins spinning from wherever it is currently indexed. The Wholehog 2 didn't really offer any additional control, it just didn't show as well that the index and twinkle functions are mutually exclusive.

    There is a bug with the Color Pro FX fixture code that will cause it to not properly rotate when you jump from 0 DMX to any rotate value (>127). This may be what you're seeing. If you look inside the fixture when you run the cue, you may see the twinkle wheel move a bit and then snap back to open. It should eventually resolve itself, but there is an easy workaround. In the cue before you want to start the twinkle, index the wheel to a DMX value above 0. This should allow your twinkle to start immediately.

    If you want the changes to happen right away, you should also either assign fade times of 0 to these parameters or assign a path of Start, since their default path is Linear.

    I hope this helps.
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