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I was wondering how you removed parts of data for a single fixture within a cuelist.

For example, Cue 3 does this...

Fixture 101- Changes Color, Changes Position, Changes Gobo
Fixture 102- Changes Gobo, Changes Focus, Changes Intensity

How can I edit this cue so that it no longer touches the Gobo for Fixture 101?

Thanks! I hope that made sense...



  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
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    There are several ways to go about doing this but here are two popular ways to removed specific data for a single fixture within a cuelist:

    1) Select the fixture, turn the encoder wheel of the parameter you wish to remove (any value), press record, select [remove] from the record toolbar, type in the cue #, and press enter.

    2) Open the cue in a cue editor (ex: cue 3 open), select the fixture, press and hold the knockout button which is located in bottom toolbar of the right hand screen, and then turn the encoder wheel of the value you wish to remove, then press update.

    Of course there is more than one way to almost everything on the Hog so I would consult the manual for other techniques.

    -Chris Muenchow
  • teericksonteerickson Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Here's a few other ways you can do this:

    3) Open the cue in an editor. Select fixtures. Hold down backspace and touch an encoder or a slot on the slots toolbar to knock out that parameter. Update.

    4) Open the cue in an editor. In the editor spreadsheet, click and drag over the cells that you want to knockout. Press Pig+Backspace. Update.
  • jabadgerjabadger Registered User
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    An addendum to the above;

    If the data you wish to remove also includes an effect you need to do one more step if you wish to knock it out from the command line and not by Opening the cue and knocking out.

    Make an Effect Off Palette. Release your whole rig and then select your whole rig again and then Touch it. Record as an effect palette.

    After you have done step one in Chris' post, select the fixtures again and touch the new effect Off palette and then Record + Remove again.

    Reason for this is the effect doesn't clean out of the cue properly, and while you may not see any ill effects onstage, it makes your cuelist dirty.
  • dslodkidslodki Registered User
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    You can also record+remove an effect without making an Effect Off pallette by record+remove and selecting the "E" button to mask Effect. Nonetheless, it still requires record+remove twice. There's a good possibility stray effects will be vexing down the line, especially as an intensity effect tracking forward ad infinitum.
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