575 CMY Colors drive me mad....

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The 4 dicros on one shaft drive me nuts. Alignment isnt a problem. Use the hole, a no brainer. But the pressure between the 4 units and it's needs to be uniform are a major pain in my ass. :aargh4: It's hit or miss. An ounce too much and the lower wheel wont move, ounce too less and the upper jumps out of sync.:dunno: Theres got to be guidelines in the assembly to make this a bit more accurate. Sometimes I get it right first time. Other times I can spend hours getting it just right. WTF is the deal here?
This has been a piss off point for me for a year now. What do the assembly techs do , use, or know that I need to. :dunce:



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    chris_litz wrote:
    Hey Frank,

    There isn't any magic trick to get it right. It's all about the feel. Do you have the 3 leg spider gears o the 4? The 4's are a little easier to set up than the 3's.

    0 the 4? Elaborate please. 3's? huh? Im feelin like a total dumbass today.:p
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    not to jump off topic but i'm having the same problem on a studio beam. Any tips?
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    chris_litz wrote:
    The Studio Beam the wheel stack needs to be tight enough so there aren't any gaps between the wheels & washers. But not too tight where it causes the wheels to bind. If you are having binding issues not due to the stack pressure then take apart the stack & wipe off the gunk on the motor shafts and gear shafts. Also a bent motor shaft will cause binding.

    Yup. PC beams are easy. Something wrong?, usually its the motor.:D
    I have 16 and since thy fixed the LPS bugs there just smooth and slick.

    I still think either the dicro holders or the new motors are out of spec.
    I have one cmy 575 that took 3 hours to get the top dicro off without breaking it. It was brand new and so was the motor. I checked everything and re installed it. Stuck again!:eek: Somethin aint right here... not right at all. Anyone got a micrometer? Arrrgggghhhh!
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