build 1618 "undo" button crash

pmhchanpmhchan Registered User
Has anyone experience the hog crashing when accessing the "undo" button? It has happen on a few occasions on a recent show with my console and my lighting director's show in another room (different console).


  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Do you have any information regarding what you had done prior to your undo? It would help to know what you were trying to undo. I found an old bug (circa 2004) that mentions a crash with undo after updating timing, but it has not been reproduced in years.

    Also if you have any details of the crash that would be helpful too.

  • pmhchanpmhchan Registered User
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    Show files were erased by shop before I got to the console. But was able to make it crash just now in the shop

    build 1618
    no external displays
    new show. patched 2-M2KWash, 2-M2K Performance

    1) [all unit#] FULL
    2) Used color picker to access colors a couple of times
    3) Hit undo three times and got the following message:

    Error: CheckInitialised error, current state=3, new state =1 at line 792 in the file editor/editfunc.cpp (Mar 2 2007), build 1618

    Stack trace for desktop process, pid 1 573, thread 1 573:

    [0x0e5f4a38] Gerenate ErrorMessage(char const*, unsigned, char const*) + 0x348

    [0x0e5fbc4] _FatalError + 0x58

    [0x0eccdfac]AppEngine::edit_object::Initialise(unsigned,unsigned,AppEngine::EditElContext&) + 0x348

    [0x0ecce164]AppEngine::edit_object::VhrvkInitialise(unsigned,unsigned,AppEngine::EditElContext&) + 0x48

    [0x0ecd243c] AppEngine::EditFunc::AddLkel(Showitems::Lkel const&, unsigned char,unsigned, bool, AppEngine::EditElContext&) + 0x318

    [0x0ecc2264] AppEngine::EditRow::AddLkel(Showitems::Lkel const&, unsigned char,unsigned, fps::bitvec&,bool,bool, AppEngine::EditElContext&,bool) + 0x21

    [0x0ecf18c0] AppEngine::FixtureEditor::AddLkel(Showitems::Lkel const&,fps::bitvec& bool, unsigned char,unsigned, bool, bool) + 0x88

    [0x0ecf18c0]AppEngine::FixtureEditor::AddUndoState(fps::vector<AppEngine::UndoElement> const&) + 0x21c

    [0x0ecdb410] AppEngine::FixtureEditor UndoTask::Execute(AppEngine::TaskController&) + 0x58

    [0x0ecd48e4]AppEngine::Editor::Execute Task() + 0x138

    [0x0ecd4c68] AppEngine::Editor::RunThread(void*) +0x5c

    [0x0ff950c0] /lib/ [0xff950c0]

    [0x0e1a0e70] _ clone + 0x58

    Also, during programming in my room, (12-MAC600 and 6-MAC500 with 2 external displays and 1-DP2000) when I accessed color thru the color picker, the console locked up and crash (screen went blank/ black with an "X" mark) with no error messages. Happened twice; stopped using the picker for the show. Was using my "setup" disk made during the previous release build; any issues with that?

    Patrick Chan
  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Thanks Patrick.
    This information is very useful. However I am trying your repro and not getting it to happen here. Since we are dealing with Undo, the exact steps of every press you are making will probably be needed to know the exact keystroke that causes this.

    Also regarding your question about your setup disk, this should not be a problem. However there could be something about that show file. Can you send me that setup disk file too please?

  • pmhchanpmhchan Registered User
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    The error is not consistently repeatable. I would drag my finger around the color picker and then hit the undo button. A couple of times nothing bad would happen; it just goes back to the previous hue and saturation that I was at. It took me a couple of times to get it to show the error. Always by just manipulating the color via the picker, no other parameter.

    However, this is in the shop. During the programming and the show this past weekend, when I dragged my finger around the color picker the board locked up and went black as described earlier with no error message.

    Attached is my setup file.

  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Thanks Patrick.

    I have your show file and we will look further into this.
  • ahelgorahelgor Registered User
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    one of my operators, told me about similiar experiences with the colourpicker.. he had a coupple of crashes to black screen, and needed to powersycle the desk, and several recoverable crashes... He couldn't tell me a repro, but he was pretty shure it was related to the colourpicker..or atleast he thought the colourpicker was a common factor.. He said he thought it was more often when he had many fixtures with differnt colours selected on the cp, as opposed to all fixtures in same colour..

    -Personally i've find the colourpicker extremely "slow" from time to time with the latest build.. If i drag across the cp, the desk reeaaly slows down, and i need to wait for it to finish with the change of colour before i can continue to program.. and i have managed to crash the desktop if i just keeping on pushing buttons when it slows down..
  • pmhchanpmhchan Registered User
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    "...i have managed to crash the desktop if i just keeping on pushing buttons when it slows down.."

    It's interesting that you mentioned that you have to slow down and let the console catch up to you. My lighting director and I experienced the same thing and we were discussing the fact that we might have been pushing buttons too quickly and that might have cause the console to lock up.
  • teericksonteerickson Registered User, HES Alumni
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    I'm still having trouble reproducing this croaker in the test lab.
    Can you tell me what kind of fixtures you were working with at the time?

  • pmhchanpmhchan Registered User
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    2 @ MAC2K Profile, 2 @ MAC2K Performance
  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
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    Bug# 10715 was logged to deal with this crash and test has come up with what it believes is the root cause and reproduction method. Perhaps our users in the field can verify this what they might be running into.

    We don’t believe this has anything to do with the HS Picker itself. Although using the HS Color Picker can be used to reproduce this, we can reproduce this stack in the following ways:

    1) Alternating back and forth from selecting a color on the HS Color Picker and a CMY Palette and then hitting the UNDO Button a few times.
    2) Using the Encoder wheels; Alternate spinning CMY values then HS Values a few times then hitting the UNDO Button a few times.
    3) Select a HS Palette then a CMY Palette. Repeat this 4 times, alternating the palette selections and then hitting the UNDO Button several times

    -Chris Muenchow
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