This may Seem Stupid.. But

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:aiwebs_007: Ok i agree this may seem stupid.. however ya dont know if ya dont ask.. I have been using Martin's Light Jockey for a while now.. and time has come to search out a better lighting control since I mostly do live concerts and well.. light jockey is not in any way good for this application.. at any rate.. I have the Universal DMX usb to dmx converter... is there a way to make it work with either Hog2 or Hog 3? I am toyign with purchasing an actual console, however the desks I like are a bit to expensive for me, this year anyways. I have looked into a Hog 500.. I also went to the product show HES had at S.E.A.L. in Miami, FL and like the Road Hog.. however 13k is not gonna happen for a while.. I want to learn the software and use it on lights I have available to me.. but to lay out another 1,ooo or so dollars to buy a USB dongle defeats the purpose.. any info?
P.S. I told you this was stupid seein I am sure there is no way to manipulate it to work :aiwebs_007:


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    Martin dongle will only work with Martin Software.
    FPS dongle will only work with FPS software.

    search for a used hog2 or hog3 dongle around.
    I've seen few lying around lightbroker.
    the price is pretty good too.
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    thanx for the info
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