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We have (4) DL2's on a downstage truss and one of them over the last month on and off has its iris shut and we cant get it open. Any ideas...its probley something really dumb that we are missing...We have tried to powercycle & home all..still we cannot get this iris to open on the one unit!!! Dmx is responding as to the movement and we can see the bulb lite inside. Any ideas? Thanks....Dale


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    have you opened up the housing on the moving head and check any of the connections within the nose of the unit? sounds like you might have a loose connection since you are saying this is on & off.

    since you have control of pan & tilt, and can see the lamp struck within, i would look at the head for any loose connection. especially since it has been a hit & miss type of thing.

    my first look would be there,
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    The Iris will NOT open until the Graphics Engine has completely initialized. If there is a problem with the computer not properly booting and loading the GE then it will keep itself closed.

    Does the CMA communicate with that unit okay? Are there any errors on the display?

    In Chapter 17 of the manual it will show you the buttons to hit that will force the Iris open so you can see that it does electrically function and will also show you if there is anything displayed on the screen.

    Also be sure to give the unit several minutes to completely boot up and initialize the graphics engine.
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