IPC Touchscreens not covered in warranty?

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When we received our brand new IPC in October, one of our screens had a 1 inch crack in the top of the screen. We called to let someone know, but we were going into a show, and didn't have time to send it in. earlier this month we called again about it, and we were told that the screens aren't covered by the warranty?

This just doesnt sound right to me . . .


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    Assuming, of course, that we're talking about the touchscreens that shipped from us with your Hog iPC, they would be covered by the same 1 year warranty that covers the console.

    Cracked or broken touchscreens are one of our tougher warranty issues to handle because it's not a failure mode that just happens. We need to determine if this happened during the course of normal usage or if it was damage caused by the user.

    We always try to err on the side of giving our customers the benefit of the doubt to keep them happy and satisfied. I've spoken with our service manager and our console product specialist in the service department about what you've posted and I suggest that you get in touch with them again. I'm hoping that they'll be able to help you out.

    You can send an email to support@flyingpig.com or call (800) 890-8989 and ask to speak to Mitch. Feel free to identify yourself as the customer I had spoken with him about so he can easily put together the pieces of this story and get you taken care of.

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    Thanks Tom!

    Yeah, we recieved the console with the crack already on the screen . . .

    I'll give mitch a call and see what eh says.
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