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Is it possible to update a widget that was purchased a few years ago and use it with the newest HOG3 PC software?


  • teericksonteerickson Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Yes it is. All of the widgets that we've sold recently are capable of running with Hog 3PC software. Older widgets may need to be upgraded.

    Follow these steps to determine if you need an upgrade:
    Connect your widget to a PC running Hog 3PC.
    Launch the Hog 3PC application.
    Launch a new show.
    Press the Setup key, then select Control Panel from the main toolbar.
    Select the Widgets tab.

    You should see the 4 digit widget ID in the drop-down list. If it appears in black it should already function with Hog 3PC. If it appears in red it will need to be upgraded.

    If you need to purchase an upgrade code, you should contact your local HES dealer. If you need any assistance finding somewhere you can do this, just let me know where you're located and we'll get you in touch with someone.

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    Please see this document for further information regarding upgrading of widgets:
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