FX Speed, Cue Speed direct Accsess

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i'm thinking about to buy a hog 3 but there are some question... I hope i'm here on the right place to get an answer..:confused:

is it possible to use the fader for setting up the speed of the effect engine or from the cuelist...
or some other parameter like size of the effect,..

Sample:fader down -> slow and if you put the fader up you have the same cuelist fast...
are there any other solutions to have direct accsess to the speed of a list...
i know that i can use the rate to change the speed but it doesn't work with the effects...

i was used to work on a avolites and i really love this feature for a live show... i try to find something in the hog manual.. but no way...


  • teericksonteerickson Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited April 2007

    There currently isn't a way to assign a fader as the effect size or effect rate fader for another cuelist. We have some feature requests logged for enhanced control of effects playback like this, but they haven't been implemented yet.

    There is one thing that you can try that may give you the control you're looking for. Scenes have a control option for the fader called "IPCB Crossfader". When you set this option, the fader no longer controls intensity. It manually crossfades from your current look on-stage into the scene as you move the scene's fader up and then back out of the scene as you move the fader down.

    Try this:
    Select some fixtures.
    Build your effect.
    [Record] [Scene] [Choose] (to an empty master).
    Hold Pig and press the Choose key for the master you recorded to. This will bring up the Scene Options window.
    Click the Master Controls tab.
    Change the fader to an IPCB Crossfader.

    Now try running this fader. It should allow you to manually fade into and out of your effect.

    I hope this helps.
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