Help ! CMA Nightmare in progress !!

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Am in the process of attempting for the second day in a row to use the CMA to communicate with 2 ( 1 at a time as no network device) DL2's
Yesterday using CMA on my macbook with no success, today having read in other threads that mac CMA is no longer being developed am trying on a PC, running V and microsoft.NET framework version 1.1.4322.2032.

Have dissabled wireless network on PC
Have done the cycling the AC thing
Have unplugged & replugged the Cat 5 cable

In network connections on the PC it says that LAN is connected to Broadcom Netlink (TM) Gigabit Ethernet.

Still won't bloody work, day 2 of tour, new content to upload, band not happy & I feel a sense of humor failure coming on. (maybe I should eat something)

Please help



  • schiefelsschiefels Registered User, HES Alumni
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    With version 1.3.2, you shouldn't have to worry about the wireless networking or power cycling issues as those should have been addressed.

    What software version are you running on the DL.2 fixtures? What symptoms are you seeing? Are the DL.2s not showing up in the CMA at all? Are they showing up but then the communication with them is not working correctly?

    If I am reading your post correctly, you are doing a direct link from computer to the DL.2 with no switch/hub/router. Is this correct? If this is the case, are you using a cross-over network cable? Some laptops (such as the one I use for testing) have an auto switching port that will allow you to use a normal network cable to do a direct connection like this, but many do not and require a special cable.

    Secondly, when plugging everything together, how long are you waiting for the DL.2s to show up in the CMA? When running in an auto-ip environement such as you are, it can take up to 3-4 minutes for the DL.2s to show up in the CMA. Once they are there, everything should work correctly.

    If none of this helps, I would suggest calling our support department at 1.800.890.8989. They will be able to help you a bit quicker than the forums, as it sounds like you are in a dire situation.
  • chrismegginsonchrismegginson Registered User
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    am waiting well in exess of 5 mins to see if found

    DL2 not showing up at all on PC CMA, did show up briefly on Mac ver but then immediatly crashed

    Direct link is correct, standard bit of cat 5, have used 2 alternate cables & as I mentioned the network settings say the LAN is connected to something, what that is I don't know

    many thanks for helping, any chance you could call me on skype ? my address is mrcmegginson


  • schiefelsschiefels Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Sorry, no skype access for me.

    One possible issue could be the mismatch of DL.2 and CMA software. Something to try is downloading the 1.2.3 CMA from our software archives Make sure you uninstall the 1.3.2 CMA before installing the 1.2.3 CMA, and see if this helps at all. If this allows you to see the DL.2s, upgrade them to 1.3.2, then go back to the 1.3.2 software.

    Also, when trying with your Mac CMA, which version of this were you using? The version, available here: should still work with the 1.2.3 software. Just make sure you have bluetooth and wireless networking turned off, and that the computer is configured to automatically assign itself an IP address when you don't have a router.
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    Chris, one other item to possibly look at is to connecting to the DL2 to your computer, make sure that the CMA is up and running first, then restart your DL2 server (using the soft shutdown - the top and bottom buttons of the five in a row, then count to 20 and press them together at the same time to restart up the DL2) the 1.3.2 version you should not have to do this, but you might with 1.2.3 version. to be safe, always boot up and have your CMA and router (if using one) all connected and online within each other prior to starting up your DL2 units. This will help speed up the process of the DL2 units coming online. And as usual, be patient. Plug all units in and go take a bathroom break. Usualy by the time you get back the DL2 units are online and you are ready to upload user files.

    hope this helps,
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