Getting our Hog3PC - Any and All suggestions / ideas welcome

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Good Evening Everyone:

I have gotten word that our HOG3PC should be here by wednesday next week and to say the least I am getting very excited. Currently we are using a Strand GSX board, running the Genius software. Our current rig consists of about 44 desk channels that are divided between our stage lights (1-17) (a mix of Par 64s and Elipsoidials) House Lights (25-42) and special effects (wall washes) (50-60). Purchasing our HOG is the first step of our upgrade which will add 8 Chauvet Intimidators on a back line around the stage for back lighting and special effects, 10 Color Kinetics color blasts for wall washes around our stage, 4 Studio Spot 575 on the front bar for stage lighting and effects, and probably adding additonal Elipsoidals in side boxes and what is essentially a balcony front bar (the details are yet to be worked out totally).

We are a fairly contemporary church who does a variety of styles of music depending on the service ranging from bluegrass gospel to Praise and Worship (upbeat). We also do reasonably large musical drama productions at Christmas and Easter.

I am looking for any and all suggestions and input on how to properly utilize the Hog PC for our services and programs. We are getting the programming wing and 1 running wing and the DMX widget.

Currently, using our GSX, i keep a series of "Stock" cues (looks, scenes, whatever they are called) that i call by tying in the cue and hitting go throughout the service, in addition i have the lights available on manuals that i can grab and put up as I need them if the situation on stage changes.

Thanks a bunch, and I'm glad to provide any other details you need.

Tim Holmes
First Baptist Church
Medina Ohio


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    Hey Tim

    CONGRATS on moving towards incorporating a Hog into a Worship setting! Our Church uses a Hog in our Sanctuary and Student Center. Here's a bit how each one's run each week...

    In our Sanctuary, we have run two separate cuelists every weekend. Each lists follows the exact run-down for Traditional or Contemporarry Worship. These lists are programmed by production staff and played back by volunteers during the actual services. We also take advantage of HTP faders for "emergency" zones such as the house, thrust, choir loft, etc.

    Our Student Center lends itself to much more active and dynamic programming. We have one long cue list which volunteer operators are able to exhaust as extensively as they would like. In addition to the "emergency" HTP faders, we've also programmed quite a few special effects (chases, strobing, movement, solos, etc.) which are played back through the cuelist window.

    One piece of advice that I have from our Church's experience is to listen to your volunteers. We found ours to be extremely eager and welcome to the new technology. Some of our volunteers have also provided great creative ideas.

    I hope this helps.


    Adam Thompson
    LD For Media Services
    Church of the Resurrection
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    Hi Adam:

    The hog is in currently although we are waiting on a widget upgrade to make it a hog 3 pc. It sounds like your sanctuary is run very very similar to the way we run ours. I program a list each saturday and run it directly on sunday mornings. I also use HTP Faders as backup and for covering spots etc. Right now we dont have any moving lights, however, i am seeing demos this week of fixtures that we are considering, both moving yokes and LED Wash fixtures. I would be very interested in a more in-depth explaination of how your cue list for the youth worship area is set up. What i am hoping to be able to do eventually is to have like a basic cue list and then individual cue lists for different songs that are either copied to the service list or run along side it -- I have NO experience programming moving lights or using them, so I'm lookin for any input i can get.

    As far as the volunteers, I am it - - im a one man shop, so that does solve management issues, but raises issues of coverage when im gone.

    Have a fantastic day

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