Max Output Res & Aspect Ratio

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At first this may seem like obvious questions, but please hang with me on this.

1. What is the max pixel resolution of the AXON output? I.e. Can it drive higher resolution projectors than the 1024 x 768 that is on-board the DL.2? I realize in the DL.2 that res level is set to match the on-bard projectors, but with the AXON it would appear that the only limit would be what the graphics card/processor could push? So in theory you could conceivably go higher in the AXON depending on the complexity of your media/layers/FX.

2. Is there anyway to feed a 16:9 proejctor with an Axon or is it only 4:3 output?

Thanks for your help.


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    1) Currently the main output for the Axon is locked to 1024x768 as it is in the DL.2. However, we have plans to allow for user configurable resolution settings in the future, logged into our system as bug #10394. We should support all normal resolutions, within reason.

    2) I have seen Axons used with 16:9 big screen TVs (that was our set-up with the Axon at last year's LDI), however this was not native. The Axon was outputting 4:3 and the image was being stretched to fit the screen. You won't lose any of the output, but there will be some distortion.
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