Delay Times on an Effect Choke

jabadgerjabadger Registered User
edited March 2007 in Wholehog Lighting Control
Kept locking up my client while programming tonight when I got to this one sequence where I may of had 'Off' captured in some effects and then applied a delay (The fixtures may have shown themselves to be Off but were still running effects on the parameters that said Off)

I think this is related to this

For when I got rid of the Delay Times, all was well on that particular cue.


  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
    edited March 2007
    Yeah Jason, I would say I am 99% sure this is bug #10454. If you are done programmign that sequence and you want to go back and re-add those delay times you can knock out the "off" values using knockout or inplace values...that is unless you still need them to block your programming from tracking forward. This is one of those bugs that we have on our radar for the future.

    -Chris Muenchow
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