iPC not outputing on monitor 1

chrislighthallchrislighthall Registered User
Have an iPC that seems to have an issue with the onboard video. When the console boots up I see a BIOS screen that I have not seen before. It's a graphical screen instead of just text. After that the screen becomes distorted and then a few seconds later it boots up with monitor two thinking it's monitor one. I am thinking that the onboard video has gone and not fixable. Is this a correct assumption?

Thanks a bunch
Chris Lighthall


  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    Do you have a 3rd monitor attached/enabled?
  • cormacjackcormacjack Registered User, DL Beta
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    Hi Chris,
    You can do a full system restore (back up all data/shows that you want to keep first)
    I have found that the monitor's sometimes get confused and a full system restore this can fix related problems.
    After a full system restore you will need to swap both monitors in the config section of IPC.Select bot monitors if they have been detected and swap them,re-calibrate etc.
    Another thing worth checking is that the graphics card hasn't moved or shifted which can also cause this problem,
    I've probably missed a few steps here but marty can clarify a lot better than myself other fault checking steps before deciding if the video card/90 deg is faulty.
    Have a search of the forums as there are lots of posts about IPC monitors and fault finding steps.

    Good luck,
  • JimOhrbergJimOhrberg Registered User
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    It sounds like the BIOS settings need to be corrected. I've seen this problem myself, and this thread helped me solve the problem:

    I've quoted the relevant part of the discussion here...
    Mitch wrote:
    When you say output one, is this the display on the right when operating the console?
    Do the windows etc normally on the right screen now appear on the left display as well?

    It is possible the BIOS battery has died causing the console to lose the BIOS settings. I have included a link below about this. The BIOS settings are at the end of the document, you may try checking these and seeing if they are correct.


  • teericksonteerickson Registered User, HES Alumni
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    All of the suggestions here are good and will hopefully get your problems sorted out. I would suggest that if you do a full install that you connect only the two primary displays that shipped with the console and get these configured and calibrated before you attempt to add a third monitor.
  • chrislighthallchrislighthall Registered User
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    I will try each of them and post back with the outcome. Thanks

  • aphylotusaphylotus Registered User
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    I am pretty sure it is a BIOS problem, I guess the link in the thread is in the one I posted some time ago.

    Go for the bios manual setup and replace the battery, so You shall be up and running.

  • garygary Registered User
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    Tom is right this happened to me on my ipc, i reinstalled and every thing but nothing changed, if you find that the clock has stop, it is time to replace the battery, on the mother board you will find a 3v button battery, replace and reset the bios, and youll be away.
  • aphylotusaphylotus Registered User
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    great it helped. To review the exact setting for the Bios, HighEnd has a PDF explaining the settings for the different motherboards.
    It can be downloaded here : http://www.flyingpig.com/support/BIOSBatteryReplace.pdf

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